Friday, April 21, 2017

A Momentous Occasion (Well at Least For Me)

20170420_180207 (1024x768)Last night Joyce and I went out for dinner, with my parents, to our friends Mike and Becky Cote's house..It was a momentous occasion for me because it's the first time that I've ever been out of the house to a to a place that was not a family home, hospital or a doctor’s office since December 17th 2016. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of crown cut lamb and salad. We also got to meet 20170420_171114 (1024x768)Al and Linda Bridges, missionaries with BEE in Europe and the Middle East. We had a great far-reaching conversation about mission and church strategy. It was a great evening for me, despite that fact that my legs did swell up a bit and I got pretty tired. Maybe I overdid it a bit, but I need to get out more. It was nice to have a conversation with different people and to get out into a different environment. It also was a great relief from the “laying around all day boredom.” That is Becky on the left with the crown cut lamb. The picture on the right is me hard at work in bed making blog posts and reading on the internet.

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Unknown said...

Oh Dave...we think of you so often and pray for you on a regular basis. Sorry for all you are going through. As you well know, things can change in a second. God's blessing to you and his peace and love. Sending our love and prayers. Remember our grandson Brenden...he stayed at your house with Ray...he is now a doctor, married 3.5 years ago and expecting their first cild in the next few we must be old cuz we are having a great grandbaby.

Ray and Barbara Bouma