Friday, April 14, 2017

Another Day, Another Doctor Visit

20170413_191646 (1024x768)Today was my pre-chemo blood test. The news was not good for me today. My red blood count needed to rise .3 points to get to 9. It actually went down from the Monday test from 8.7 to 8.6. I will go see the doctor on Monday to discuss what the next step will be. What will probably happen is that I will need to go the hospital and get a blood transfusion before I can do another chemotherapy session. I am not sure how long, or even if, this will set us back but we will continue to be patient. This is not abnormal for someone in my situation and we really have had very few setbacks in the chemo process. We do our best to stay positive, but it is not easy to do every day. Honestly, I get a little bored and frustrated with the day to day drudgery of this process. 20170412_123115 (1024x768)Please keep us in your prayers that we can get the process back on track. The deer picture was taken by Joyce from the deck of my parents’ house.

We did get a nice break when our friends Larry and Sharon Bock came up for a visit. The Bock’s were volunteers at PIU Guam for several years. They live in Texas now, but had some business to take care of in California so they came by and spent an hour or so with us. It was great to get caught up on their family and what they are doing now. It was also nice to hear how PIU impacted their lives and reminisce a little about the times they were there. We appreciated the time with them.

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