Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Another Brief Medical Update

20170411_134026 (960x1280)I had my one week prior to chemo meeting with my doctor yesterday. I had to get my full blood count numbers to determine if I'm ready for another chemo session. My white blood counts are holding very steady and very high so everything is good there. There is a problem with my red blood count. I need to be at 9 to be ready for the chemo, but my red count yesterday was at 8.7. Last time I was at 8.9 and we had to have a long discussion about whether I was able to have my second chemo session. I won't be able to have it without a transfusion if it stays at 8.7. So my big prayer request is that my ccount will get above 9 before I go back for another blood test on Friday afternoon.  Everything else is a go. 

20170409_114459 (1024x768)I am losing more hair as you can see from the picture. It even appears that my mustache is beginning to fall out.  I may be going with the fully hairless look soon..We were able to go up to Redding last weekend to see Joyce's parents. It really is the first time I have gone anywhere since we arrived in December, well except to the doctor.  One of our friends was headed in that direction and graciously volunteered to drive us up. I laid in the back seat for the whole three hour trip. Other than being a little extra tired the trip didn’t bother me much at all. 20170409_115002 (1024x768)We enjoyed the time with Joyce’s Mom and Dad. It was good for Joyce to be able to take take care of her mom and give her dad a bit of a break. We also went out for dinner at Joyce’s sister, Judy's, house. That is the first time I have been out to dinner since we arrived in December. I'm hoping to get a little more healthy and we will actually go out to a restaurant. We do appreciate prayers. I ask again that you would pray for me that I would have good numbers  on Friday so that I can be ready for my chemotherapy. God has gifted amazing doctors with amazing healing abilities. But ultimately all healing is in the hands of the Trinity. Thank you for your prayers. Pictures here were taken in Joyce’s mom’s garden.

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