Monday, April 17, 2017

“Pink Cheeks” Medical Update

WIN_20170417_14_38_54_ProAs I posted earlier on my Facebook page, I was able to continue with my third chemotherapy session today, despite the fact that my red blood count was below the lower limit. My count did go up from 8.6 to 8.8, but was still below the lower limit of nine. When I met with the doctor, he was pleased that the color had returned to my face. So I think it was my pink cheeks that led him to approve going ahead with the chemotherapy session.  It was encouraging to hear him say that I was looking healthier and that it looked at him as if swelling was going down. This would also indicate that the swollen lymph nodes were shrinking. Of course, we won't find that out for sure until we go down to Stanford for a PET scan on May 12th. Thank you to everyone who prayed. The prayer was answered, not exactly as I had hoped, but it was still answered. We stayed on schedule and we are moving forward through chemotherapy. (I took the picture today so you can see my position while writing this post.)

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