Monday, April 03, 2017

Snow Day

20170331_124950 (1024x768)

20170331_142416 (1024x768)20170331_131958 (768x1024)We have enjoyed having our family up here for the last few days. Matt, Kristin and the kids will be headed home to San Diego this evening, but we had a fun time this week. I mentioned in previous post that Joyce had taken them up to the snow for a day. They had a good day playing in the snow. The kids had never seen snow before. I wish I could have gone too. Here are a few pictures of the snow day.

20170331_125335 (768x1024)20170331_131817 (768x1024)20170331_132606 (768x1024)

I am not sure how much Meika enjoyed it, but everyone else enjoyed the tobogganing and other snow activities

 20170331_140931 (1024x768)20170331_141019 (1024x768)20170331_151458 (1024x768)

And a few more pictures

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