Friday, April 07, 2017

Another Update

20170403_100246 (960x1280)A couple days ago my grandson Titus told me, “Grandpa are you looking more bald lately.” As usual he was right. That seems to be the one side effect of the chemotherapy that is happening to me. So I'm actually very thankful for that. Other than that there's not a lot to update. I have completed the blood boosting shots that I receive after chemotherapy. The good news is that my white blood count is up to 6.5.  5 to 7 is the safe range. My hemoglobin count is also good. I am on schedule now to receive my next chemotherapy session on April 17th. I will go see the doctor on Monday in order to  get the final go-ahead for that. Right now we are up in Redding  visiting Joyce’s parents. We drove up yesterday and we will be driving back on Sunday afternoon. I laid down in the back seat for the whole drive. Edema is still up and down. Please pray that all of my blood numbers stay where they're supposed to be. We appreciate your prayers for us.


Rob Watt said...

We continue to pray for you!

Rob & Leyla

Pastor Tom said...

Sounds pretty good, everything considered. We'll keep praying you to full recovery and return to PIU/Guam!