Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Brief Owen Update

DJcabinIt has been a while since I updated our situation and my medical status. Joyce and I (along with Missy and Leila) are now staying with our friends, Mike and Becky Cote. Mike has been helping me with some physical therapy in the swimming pool so I can regain some of my lost muscle tone. I’m a little sore but it has been nice to get back into some physical exercise (little by little). We will be house sitting for the Cote’s in September. I feel better and some people have even said that I am looking better: imagine that! Our next major event is coming up on Monday when I get my follow-up PET scan at Stanford, followed by a doctor visit on August 14th. I am hoping they will confirm the good report from my bone marrow scan of “no cancer found.” We will then work with the doctors to make a plan for future care. We will also consult with our oncologist and urologist in subsequent weeks. This could include stem cell harvesting and possibly another surgical procedure for my kidney issues. It is looking like, one way or another, the process is going to continue for several more months.

I have been asking you to pray for my edema situation. It is getting slightly better, I was able to go to church for the first time last Sunday, but It still is very uncomfortable and definitely affects my daily life quite negatively. I have been taking medicine for it and was hoping improvement would be faster. I prayed for patience….yea you know what I mean. During and between my appointments at Stanford I will be staying with my brother, Doug, in the Bay Area. It will be a good time of reconnecting with him and his family. Joyce and I have also been talking with the leadership at Liebenzell Mission USA about ministry we can do while we are in treatment (I should be well enough to do a lot more this coming Fall) here. After we get the doctor verdict by late August to early September I hope to have something more definite on that. We would appreciate your prayers for the upcoming medical tests and doctor visits and that God would direct us as we look toward the future. Thank you for your prayers and support for us.

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