Monday, August 07, 2017

Last Day at the Cabin

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Our four days at the cabin ended much too quickly. It was such a blessing for us to have all our kids and grandkids together for almost a week. We were also blessed to have my mom and dad join us, along with Jesse, Joanie and Jayna on the last day there.

20170726_175758 (960x1280)20170726_184828 (960x1280)20170726_191536 (960x1280)

We ate well and played hard

20170727_140257 (960x1280)20170727_140449 (960x1280)20170727_141458 (960x1280)20170727_142550 (960x1280)20170727_142619 (960x1280)20170727_145628 (960x1280)20170727_150923 (960x1280)

And had some great family time

20170727_155018 (960x1280)20170727_165540 (960x1280)20170727_165628 (960x1280)20170727_165740 (960x1280)

And one more trip to the pool

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