Saturday, August 26, 2017

New Testament Readings 9-2015 to 8-2017

As we approach August 31, we come to the end of the cycle of New Testament devotionals. Over the last few years I have been organizing my devotional reading on a September 1 to August 31 basis. This last cycle has been a two-year cycle which went from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2017. What we read during that cycle were several New Testament theologies, devotionals, and other New Testament oriented books. I thought it would be a good idea to look over where we've been and provide links back to those blog posts. My goal is to encourage people to read through these good books and stretch their minds a little bit. I don't always agree 100% with every thing every book said, but I'm a big believer that we shouldn't read only books that we agree with completely. However all these books are edifying and will grow you in your relationship with Jesus Christ. So here is where I've gone with New Testament devotionals over the last 2 years listed out below.

  1. N. T. Wright, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, vol. 4, Christian Origins and the Question of God, I spent an entire year on this incredible book on the theology of Paul. I find the need to read Tom Wright several times to really understand what he is saying. He provides a helpful fresh perspective on Paul which is new, but I feel, is not as different as the NPP people and OPP people are making it. The first post is here. I resume the posts here, here, there are 4 posts in March 2016, 3 in April, one here, 4 in June, 4 in July, 6 in August, and the last post in the series is here.
  2. Kenneth E. Bailey, Jesus through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels. I really enjoyed this book and found it very helpful for gaining cultural background for the stories and speeches in the Gospels. I thought Bailey provided some amazing insights into the parables of Jesus. You can the posts here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
  3. N. T. Wright, Following Jesus: Biblical Reflections on Discipleship. This book is a devotional about discipleship and what it means to follow the real Jesus of scripture. It is a devotional designed to help you think and pray through what it means to “follow Jesus” and encourage us to really do it. The first post is here, followed by here, here, and here. The final post in this series mentions my diagnosis of a “serious blood disease,” and so everything from here on is being posted from my cancer recovery.
  4. A. W. Tozer, And He Dwelt among Us: Teachings from the Gospel of John. This devotional book is a meditation on the incarnation, the great truth and mystery that God became a human being, focused on in the Gospel of John. The first post is here, followed by posts here, here, and concludes here,
  5. Thomas F. Torrance, The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons. This book is a very insightful and almost devotional, theology. It is a meditation on the great truth and mystery that God is a Trinity. It will certainly stretch your brain and your heart. The first post is here, followed by posts here, here, here and here
  6. J. I. Packer, Affirming the Apostle's Creed. In this book Packer discusses and explains each assertion of the creed. This book was a this will help to get back in touch with the rich heritage the work of the Spirit has left for us in the last 2000 years. The first post is here, followed by posts here, here, here, here, and concludes here.
  7. J. I. Packer, Taking God Seriously: Vital Things We Need to Know. In this book Packer discusses aspects of basic doctrine and why we need to re-commit as a church to the historic teaching and preaching of these doctrines. The first post is here, followed by posts here, and here.
  8. Ben Witherington III, Jesus the Sage: The Pilgrimage of Wisdom. In this book Witherington looks at the influence of Jewish wisdom on the teachings of Jesus and how He develops and expands the wisdom tradition. The beginning post is here, followed by posts here, here, and finally here.
  9. Wright, N. T.. The Day the Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus's Crucifixion. I think this is a very important book which brings the discussion of the meaning of the atonement into the 21st century with a solid biblical basis. The first post is here, followed by posts here, here, here, here, here, and ending here.
  10. Jersak, Bradley. A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel. The main point in the book is, "God is like Jesus. Exactly like Jesus" and we must interpret the revelation of God throughout the entire Bible through the lens of the ultimate revelation of God in Jesus Christ. God doesn’t turn away from sin or sinners; he seeks out sinners and overcomes sin in His person we might become the image of God restored. The first post for this book is here, followed by posts here, here, here, here, here and finally here.

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