Monday, August 21, 2017

“How ya doin’”

WIN_20170821_11_11_35_ProI get asked a version of this question quite often, especially on Facebook. It's hard to answer because it does kind of change every day. I am in the third day after chemo. According to what the doctors tell me I should be feeling a lot better from here on out until the next chemo. I have to say this was a very tough weekend. I experienced some dizziness, even took a couple tumbles. However no damage done. Some of the issues are happening because of the way the cancer is manifesting itself now. These would mainly be pain in the back and the nausea that the pain is causing.My other issue is eating. Right now there is no food that sounds good to me. God has intervened in my digestive tract issues and I'm hoping that will change soon. I've been eating a little better the last 2 days. Thank God for frozen yogurt.Overall, again, the chemo has not been as painful as the cancer. That has been a blessing. So the answer to “how you doing” is “pretty terrible right now,” but things are improving and I should be getting better each day. We appreciate your prayers. I’d just ask that you would pray through this entire process. It looks like it's going to take us into October. And look at all that hair on my head and chin!

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