Monday, August 07, 2017

Family Pictures

20170727_154504 (1280x960)

When you have this many family members together you have to pose for family pictures. We started with Joyce and I with my parents and 9 of their great-grandchildren of which 8 are our grandkids

20170727_154254 (1280x960)20170727_154408 (1280x960)

Our grandkids with Jayna replacing Mika for this picture. My parents with great-grands

20170727_154656 (1280x960)20170727_154813 (1280x960)

Four generations of Owen’s with Matt (left) and Mike’s (right) families

20170727_154917 (1280x960)20170727_171846 (1280x960)20170727_171921 (960x1280)20170727_174506 (960x1280)20170727_193156 (960x1280)

Jessie and Joanie with grandma and grandpa, Joyce with her babies and one more cute grandkid picture

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