Monday, May 28, 2018

A Little Glance at the Past


While we were looking through Joyce’s parents’ stuff to get it ready to sell, we found some of our old mission furlough displays that Joyce’s mom had saved. The one above is from our time of support raising in 1992-3 to return to Micronesia after seminary. The pictures are from our time in Palau 1984-88. Our 1984 and 92 brochures are there with family pics from 1986 and 1993


I think this display went with the one above


These picture displays are from the late 1990’s. On the left, the display highlights our church/family ministries, especially the foster care we were doing in our church. There are also pictures of what became the PIU property and the beginning of the building of Pacific Islands Bible College. On the right, are pictures of the aftermath of typhoon Paka in 1997.


This one highlights the ministry of Pacific Islands Bible College in (I think) 2004-5

Am I feeling a little homesick and nostalgic for the islands? Oh yes!

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