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Chart and Message of the Psalms

Psalms Chart

Message of the Psalms

God's people need to focus their entire being (mind, emotions, body and will) on God's character, attributes and actions so that they can properly worship Him and live their lives in a way that pleases Him and brings glory to Him.

The Psalms celebrate the unchangeable nature of God's character and attributes (compassion, grace, faithfulness, patience, power, omnipresence, love, justice et. al) so that His people will put trust in his consistency and practice covenant love with Him and others.

  • Psalms were meant to be sung. God is to be worshipped with emotion. They involve strong feeling, anger, life, love, joy etc. They are not just information.
  • The hymn psalms praise God's character and attributes. Knowledge of and relationship with God is the key to understanding and handling life correctly.  8
  • Pilgrimage Psalms were designed to be sung by travelers on their way to Jerusalem for festivals and celebrate the joy of worship. 133

The Psalms recount God's great acts of creation and redemption in the past to encourage worship, prayer, and praise and to encourage those in difficult situations that He will act in the future in the same way to deliver those who are faithful to his covenant.

  • The thanksgiving psalms celebrate God's acts of deliverance and give examples of praise. 9

The Psalms celebrate the hope of redemption and righteousness, both spiritual (forgiveness) and physical (national deliverance, resurrection), to encourage God's people to have faith in God's promises. 

  • The Lament Psalms express faith in the midst of difficulty. The distress is faced realistically but the psalmist prays and hopes in God. The difficulty is seen as a chance for God to act.   3
  • Penitential Psalms expressed the confession of the psalmist for sin.  51
  • Psalms of Victory and Confidence express the psalmist’s faith that the LORD will bring covenant   blessing. 23

Some Psalms celebrate the Kingdom of God both in its manifestation in God's present rule over all creation and in the future coming kingdom in which God will be present in His fullness to encourage His people to submit to Him now.

  • Enthronement psalms celebrate the rule of God over creation and His people.  93
  • Imprecatory psalms called down a curse on the enemies of God. 58

The Psalms emphasize the coming of the Davidic Messiah as God's instrument in extending God's kingdom throughout the earth, fulfilling all the covenant promises and fulfilling God's purposes for the Davidic dynasty, Israel, and mankind.

  • The Royal psalms celebrate God's rule in Israel and look ahead to the coming Messiah  2
  • Prophetic Psalms reveal God's future plans, usually about the Messiah. 110
  • Messianic Psalms describe the Messiah and his life usually in typological form. 22

Some Psalms emphasize the wisdom that God's people should display in their response to His revelation by seeking Him, maintaining the correct perspective on the ups and downs of life, and living faithfully.

  • Wisdom psalms teach the reader to live righteously and wisely. 1       
  • Torah psalms celebrate God's revelation in the Law and urge obedience to it.  119

The Psalms are the heart cry of God's people to God that speak to God's people of all ages.

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