Tuesday, May 29, 2018

More Family Pictures From Redding


Beside doing work at Joyce’s parents’ place we had a good time of reconnecting with family. Above is a picture of Joyce’s parents and sisters from our Sunday lunch. We were really happy to have been part of this last week as we had to miss so many family things while we were living overseas. We plan to go back up to Redding after our trip to Cincinnati to visit Mike’s family there. Leaving tonight! It may be that God is opening the door for us to do our mission ministry with Micronesian communities here in the USA, which would also put us in a place where we can minister to family needs while we do ministry with the people that God has placed in our hearts. We’d appreciate your prayers that we would hear God correctly as He leads us for the next steps.


L to R: Joyce and her dad, Joyce and me, Joyce and her sisters

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