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Chart, Message and Outline of Zechariah

Zechariah Chart

Message of Zechariah

Repent and obey because God is working out His purpose now and in the future God’s King is coming to rule over His people

Outline of Zechariah

Learn from the past (Repent!). Previous judgment on the nation happened just like God said it would. 1:1-6

  • Repentance must come before experience of relationship with God 1:3
  • God is very serious about dealing with sin and evil in His people. The past proves it

Be confident. Obey God. Repent of sin. Do the work God has called you to do (rebuild the Temple) because God is in control, He judges and removes sin, He gives His people power and He is preparing Messiah to come to rule and provide for His people. (God is at work now.1.7-6.15

  • Angelic Patrol: God knows what is happening and will punish sin and bless faithfulness. 1:7-17
  • 4 Horns/Craftsmen:God raises and destroys nations to work out His plan for His people. 1:18-21
  • Measuring Line: Our present worship has eternal value because of God guarantees His purpose to live eternally with His people and bless them.  2:1-13
  • Cleaning of the High Priest: Messiah (Branch) is coming to bring peace and forgiveness. Obey now and you will rule with Him. 3:1-10
  • Lamp stand & Olive Trees: God’s anointed, empowered by God’s Spirit accomplish great things. 4
  • Flying Scroll: Repent, because persistent sin will be judged according to God’s covenant. 5:1-4
  • Woman in a Basket: God will remove evil from His people and send it away for judgment. 5:5-11
  • 4 Chariots: Powerful judgment is coming on the world. God’s wrath will be appeased. 6:1-8
  • Crowning of Joshua: Messiah is coming to finish the work and be our priest and king. 6:9-15

God expects character change & obedience now to prepare for the coming of His Kingdom 7-8

  • Rebuke: Hypocritical ritual is of no interest to God 7:1-7
  • Reminder: True worship is expressed in justice, mercy and compassion to others 7:8-14
  • Restoration: The faithful few can expect full restoration of every promised blessing 8:1-17
  • Return: We sacrifice (fast) now so we will feast when the LORD returns 8:18-23

God is coming to His people. He will be rejected by them leading to great hardship and destruction. Later His people will welcome Him, repent and be saved even though every nation will be against them. 9-14

  • God is coming to shepherd His people. All who reject the true shepherd will be slaughtered 9-11
    • The king will come with judgment and salvation and in humility and power. 9:1-10
    • God will come offering blessing, deliverance, victory, compassion and regathering. 9:11-10:12
    • Most of the nation will reject the true shepherd and follow a false shepherd. 11:1-17
  • The nation will repent of their earlier rejection of God's Messiah and He will save them from the nations gathered against them, He will make them holy and rule over them as king. 12-14
    • An attack by all nations against Jerusalem will signal the end of the old age and beginning of the new. 12:1-9
    • Israel will repent, receive the Spirit and be saved. 12:10-13
    • Israel will be cleansed and made holy by their wounded shepherd. 13:1-9
    • The final battle of the Day of the LORD battle and its results are described 14:1-21
      • God will gather all nations to Jerusalem for a final battle 1-2
      • The battle will end when Messiah touches down on the Mount of Olives (3-6) and destroys His enemies  (12-15)
      • The Messiah will rule over a blessed, fertile, secure kingdom 9-11
      • God’s people will celebrate and worship. 16-19
      • Even the most common parts of life will be holy to the LORD. (Everything will be “Holy of Holies” 20-21

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