Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Chart, Message and Outline of Malachi

Malachi Chart

Message of Malachi

Repent NOW from your spiritual apathy and show your commitment to God with your words and actions because the Messiah is coming soon to judge and bless.

Preaching/Theological Outline of Malachi

The message is URGENT because God’s soon arrival means judgment is coming soon.

  • The message is a “burden.” Something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 1:1
  • God will separate the wicked for judgment and the righteous for blessing when He comes. 4:1-4
    God’s messenger will give a final opportunity to repent before judgment. 4:5-6

LOVE: God reaches out to you in love so respond to His love. 1:2-5

  • Charge: God reached out in love to Israel with covenant and promises and they have not responded.
  • Proof: God chose them to be His special people and gave them a wonderful inheritance. 
  • God has given the church special blessing and privilege (Ephesians 1:3-5). Our response should be loving, passionate commitment.

HONOR: Give God the respect He deserves. 1:6-2:9

  • Charge: God is not getting the respect He deserves as Father and Master  1:6
  • Evidence:
    • Sloppy half-hearted worship; giving their “leftovers.”  1:7-10
    • They gave less than their best, as little as possible. Worship was a tiresome duty 11-12
    • The priests despised the privilege of service. 2:1-9
  • We need to serve God in a way fitting to His character and to the Kingdom privileges He gives us.

FAITHFULNESS: Keep covenant with God if you want to experience blessing. 2:10-16

  • Charge: Israel was treacherous and had broken the covenant. 2:10
  • Evidence:
    • Idolatry: Their idolatrous marriages were a compromise with sin.   11-12
      • Those who compromise with sin shouldn’t expect to experience God’s blessing 13
    • Divorce: Divorce is treachery against a spouse and against God who is the witness. 14
      • God views divorce as violence; It makes Him sick 15-16
  • Solution: Guard faithfulness in all your relationships. Keep your commitments.  16b

HOPE: Trust God for the future. His character guarantees His promises. 2:17-3:6

  • Charge: God is tired of people acting and talking like He doesn’t keep His promises. 2:17
  • Warning: God is coming to His temple to purge out sin completely. 3:1-6
    • God will send warnings but His coming will be sudden (Be ready!!)
    • The character of  “God with us” guarantees salvation but also guarantees purging of sin.  5-6

OBEDIENCE: Our obedient use of money is a good measure of our commitment. 3:7-12

  • Charge: The people have not turned to God and in fact, are robbing God. 7-8
  • Evidence: The people were not paying the tithe commanded in the Mosaic Covenant. 8
  • Solution: Bring the whole tithe. Complete obedience will yield complete blessing. 10-12
  • Application: Our use of money is a good measure of our commitment under the new covenant

REVERENCE: God wants heartfelt worship that leads to committed service. 3:13-18

  • Charge: Arrogance against God 13
  • Evidence: The way the people talk to each other.  14-15  They say....
    • “It is useless to serve God” - There are no absolutes.
    • “No reward for obedience” - Self centered
    • “arrogant blessed” - Wrong, present oriented, value system.
  • Solution: Encourage one another that God has a “book of remembrance” and He will never forget faithful sacrificial service. Christians should act in the now and be motivated by the future

Do your words and actions show that you are ready for Messiah to come suddenly?

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