Friday, May 11, 2018

Family Stuff in California

20180507_182834 (1024x768)

989 (768x1024)We really do miss our Guam and PIU families. It was pretty hard for us to not be there last weekend to see so many of our students, that we spent so much time with, graduate. But, one of the benefits of being in California is that we are able to participate in family events that we missed while overseas. We enjoyed doing that twice this week. Early in the week we celebrated my sister’s 20180510_175650 (1024x768)birthday with several family members. (Above: Nate, Joyce, Jayne, mom, Jonah) The Mexican food was good but the conversation and laughter was even better. Then last night we got to be “grandma and grandpa” at Leila’s kindergarten open house. Again it was an enjoyable time and she was very pleased to guide us around her classroom. She then chose pizza to celebrate so we ended the evening at Round Table. What a blessing for us!

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