Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 1 for the Voices of Micronesia - The Trip

We made the long flight from Guam to LA last week with our 15 students and four staff members. Eric and Karyn were already there to pick us up in the vans when we arrived. We have two vans - a 15 passenger van donated for our use by Karyn's parents and an 11 passenger van donated by Grace Baptist Church in Salado Texas. We laid over in Hawaii for a couple hours where the students were able to visit with some family and classmates and then we arrived in LA one hour before we left Guam, thanks to the international date line. After a day of rest we were ready to get going with practice and ministry (to follow in a later post). Here are some pictures from the first day.

We enjoyed the outdoors in Honolulu during our couple hours of layover.

Several of the students had family members meet them in Honolulu

An impromptu concert also broke out at the Honolulu airport

After 13 hours of flying time we were happy to arrive at LAX

Here the students are preparing for the long walk to baggage claim

We drank coffee and played music as we waited for the vans to pick us up and take us to La Mirada

We had breakfast/lunch at Home Style Buffet. Grandma was happy that Courage joined us for lunch

After lunch everybody crashed for a couple hours at Mike and Samantha's before their host families picked them up.

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Carolyn8320 said...

What a great start to a great adventure. We hope to see you all soon.