Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pictures of PIU Graduation

Since graduation was over a week ago it is about time that I put up a few pictures of the ceremony. I have been a little busy with the Voices of Micronesia tour, but tonight the group is with their host families. So here are a few pictures from the graduation. Some we took with our camera and others I borrowed from Meluat, one of our students.

Maymay and Meyou pose with Austin before the ceremony

Alicia prepares to march in.

Melody and I watch as the graduates march in

KiKi Stinnette, who was the keynote speaker and Rob Watt, master of ceremonies, enjoy the ceremony 

Meyou receives her BA degree after her "Queen of the Pageant" entrance
Valedictorian Doug O'Meara receives his BA diploma

Judson was one 3 Marars who graduated with a BA degree this year. Judson did part of his senior practicum in children's ministry with Joyce as his mentor

Congratulations to Ceci

And now the graduation celebration! 

Joyce poses with salutatorian Chelsea Philip

I think that is Maymay under all the leis

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