Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 2-3 for the Voices of Micronesia - Practice, Tour and 1st Baptist W. LA

Last Thursday was a full day of practice with lunch bought at Fresh and Easy (mmmm fresh strawberries) and then a dinner at Round Table Pizza and an opportunity to watch the Cavalier-Celtic playoff game on the big screen. Friday morning we took a tour of Biola. Friday night was our first performance at First Baptist West LA. The pastor of the church, Kevin Elwell, worked with me back in the 90's at Yigo Baptist and was teacher and coach for Matt, Mike and Missy at Trinity and GICA. The VOM team did a great job and made a great connection with the people at 1st Baptist. Here are some pictures ....

The Biola Tour began with us singing for our tour guides.

We enjoyed chapel at Biola (right) and the giant Jesus painting. I would say though that the cafeteria was the students' favorite part of the tour.

The drive to 1st Baptist LA introduced the team to an LA traffic jam on the 405.

The VOM team helped out with the AWANA club

We were pleased that the 1st Baptist AWANA leaders commented that our students were very well trained and skilled in ministry with children. 

 The VOM team performed for the AWANA counsel time

The students brought the kids up to the stage to teach them to Hula. 

It was great to see Kevin and Missy Elwell and their 4 boys
 MayMay and Meyou were happy that we ended the evening with a late-night snack at Taco Bell


Jen said...

I'm still super excited for you all! Thanks for the beautiful freeway picture =)

Aaron and Hollie said...

so crazy to see PIU students at Biola...glad they got the opportunity to be there. excited to see you all here in TX!

Dave Owen said...

Yes, we are excited to see you guys again when we get to Texas