Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travel Days - This Week's Schedule

Here is the Voices of Micronesia schedule for the upcoming week May 31-June 6:
Monday May 31: Travel from Susanville to Redding
Tuesday June 1: Shasta Community Church Evening
Wednesday June 2: Glenburn Community Church
Thursday June 3: Travel from Glenburn to Santa Cruz
Friday June 4: Baymonte Christian School Chapels 9AM to Noon
Saturday June 5: BBQ at Jo Romaniello's House  2 PM
Sunday June 6: Gateway Bible Church Scotts Valley Morning Service
                        TV Taping in Santa Cruz  3-6 PM
                        Collide Church Scotts Valley 6 PM

This past week we encountered some real contrasts in California weather. We stopped by Moro Bay on Tuesday afternoon to visit the tidepools and experience the colder side of the Pacific Ocean. On Wednesday we drove up to Susanville. On Donner Pass the students got to experience a snowfall. For many of them it was the first time they had ever seen snow. The next day they took a drive up to Lassen to play in it. We are thankful for travel safety in all situations so far. Here are a few pictures of the trip.

The team enjoys the scenery at Moro Bay

It was a little cold there, but most of the team still stayed in the shade. I did not and got a pretty good sunburn

Joyce was sorting rocks I think

The cliffs and rock formations were pretty spectacular

It got a little colder as we headed up the mountain. 

Cici got out of the van and laid in the snow

Let the snowball fights begin!

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