Monday, May 03, 2010

Meet the Voices of Micronesia #11 - Charles Sam

We have now entered the last week of the Spring semester 2010. We are preparing for final exams, baccalaureate on Sunday and graduation next Monday afternoon. Our VoM traveling team is using the final week to practice, do one more fund raising work day on Saturday (each Saturday this semester the team has worked for someone) and working and praying to bring in the remaining funds needed for the trip. We are still looking for a donated van or for a reasonably priced rental. We could also use a small trailer to haul luggage. But now let me introduce you to....

Charles Sam
  Home: Kuttu in the Mortlock Islands, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia 
  Age: 20; Charles is a 3rd year BA in biblical studies student with a minor in Christian Education
    Charles is one of our guitar players and is the composer of several of the group's songs. 

Charles was born on Kuttu into a family with two brothers and three sisters. However, he did not grow up with his parents. At the age of five, he was sent to Chuuk's main island Weno to live with his grandparents. He was able to visit his parents only on Christmas and summer vacation. Charles enjoyed his times on Kuttu as a small child playing kickball in the yard with his friends and going out spear fishing. He grew up with Bible knowledge because he went to Sunday school regularly all his life. But he went to church mainly "to make my parents happy." He thought he "had salvation" because he had grown up in a Christian home, but it was not until he went to a high school retreat on the Tol PIBC campus that he understood what it meant to have faith and he put his trust in Christ. 

From the time he began first grade at Berea Christian School until he graduated from high school there, Charles' goal was to attend Pacific Islands Bible College. Even though he enjoys math and numbers, his high school Bible teacher encouraged him to attend the PIU Tol campus. After two years on the Chuuk campus he transferred last year to the PIU Guam campus. Charles says being at PIU and being part of the VoM team has taught him how to step outside of his own culture to do ministry. His faith is growing as he sees God help him prepare for this trip. He wants to show Americans "the good side of Chuukese culture" and reach out to show people how "Christ is working in me." He is also looking forward to seeing his uncle in California and encouraging him to follow Christ. Charles has been to the US mainland once before, with the Close Up program, but this will be the first time he has ever stayed in an American's home.

Charles goal after PIU graduation is to be a pastor. He is not sure where, wherever God calls.

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