Saturday, May 01, 2010

Meet the Voices of Micronesia #10 - Mary Grace Lisarefach

We are now only 10 days away from our departure from Guam for the Voices of Micronesia tour. Things seem to be coming together. Our biggest need is still for a 9-15 passenger van. We have secured one 15 passenger van but we need one more so that we can transport our 21 people with luggage this summer. In the meantime the students are trying to balance school work, as we head into finals week, with team practices and their other ministry responsibilities. We appreciate your prayers as we prepare for the trip. Now let me introduce you to...

Mary Grace Lisarefach
 Home: Sapuk island, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia
 Age: 19, Mary Grace is a first year student in our BA in biblical studies program, with minor undecided.
   She and her cousin, Grace Neth, are together so much we refer to them collectively as "the Graces."

Mary Grace was born on Guam into a Christian family and was adopted by her father's older sister. Her parents were "very strict" but she was "spoiled by my grandparents." She would pretend to be sick at elementary school because she missed her family so much. She moved to Chuuk in 5th grade where she attended Berea Christian School in 5th grade and St. Cecilia for Middle School. She went to high school at Bethania Christian High School for girls in Palau. She had accepted Christ as a small child, but didn't really understand how to live a life that would please God until she attended Bethania. It was there that her questions about how to endure the struggles of life and have a stronger relationship with God were answered. At Bethania, away from her parents, Mary Grace learned how to be independent and work hard.

Grace says "I am shy and usually take a long time to get to know people," but preparing for this tour has helped her to "speak up," "be bold," and be "more open about my relationship with Christ." As one of the youngest team members, she has been encouraged by the example of the older team members. Her goal for the trip is to help bring people closer to Christ and, since this is her first trip to the US Mainland, to see America and learn more about Americans. She also says that being a college student is helping her learn how to plan ahead. 

Mary Grace is not sure yet about her future plans and asks for prayer that God would use this trip and her college years to show her what His will for her life is.

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