Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week at Grace EV Free and This Week's Schedule

We have completed the first full week of our tour now. Our plan was to spend the first week at Grace Evangelical Free Church in La Mirada practicing our program and doing some cultural orientation. The Grace people graciously allowed us to use own of their auditoriums for our daily practice sessions, including the kitchen and dining area and church members housed us for 9 days. We are very thankful for that. Grace became our base to do presentations in the LA area and for everything else we did there. Last Sunday we ministered in the morning children's service and then met in the evening with Mike and Sam's grace group and sang for them in the backyard of one of their homes, shared our stories with each other and prayed together. It was a great time of connecting with good people. We are also thankful that Grace will be supporting Michael and Samantha as they come out to teach at PIU this Fall. They have raised about 1/2 of their needed support. Here is our schedule for the next few days...
May 23: Morning Service at Ocean Hills Covenant Church in Santa Barbara
May 24: 7.00 PM Community Center in San Luis Obispo (I can give you directions if you email me at
May 25: Staying in Castro Valley
May 26: Driving up to Susanville California
May 27: Activities and Practice
May 28-29: Palauan Conference, Susanville, all day
May 30: Morning and Evening Service - 1st Baptist Church Susanville

Here are a few pictures of the team at Grace EV Free....

VOM sings a greeting song for the Grace children's service

Leeman and Meluat sing a Palauan song for the Grace group by the pool

Leaders Delight and Evelyn Suda discuss a very important issue during the team practice.

Jake and Jayleen enjoy their practice time

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Leeman said...

nice. I love this group. We have so much to prepare and to get ready. Practice is difficult but like what they say "Practice makes perfect." However, we do it for the glory of God.