Friday, September 27, 2013

Chapel This Week at PIU

SAMSUNGAt PIU we have chapel services twice a week on Tuesday and Friday at 11 AM. It is such a blessing to be able to work in a job where we get to take an hour twice a week to corporately worship, praise and hear a word from God. SAMSUNG            Tuesday, after a warm welcome from StuCo president Scot Refilong (right)and a rousing music set, we heard from our speaker Rick Harris. Rick has been a missionary on Guam for over three years and did mission work in Nepal before that. He encouraged the PIU family to “dig ditches” so that we would be prepared when God acts in our lives and community (from the story in 2 Kings 3). We often miss the work of God in our lives because we have not faithfully prepared, whether through disobedience, ignorance or distraction, and we miss what God does and its attendant blessings. Rick drove the point home with a lot of funny stories that made an impact on the students.

SAMSUNG            Friday our speaker was Pastor Mark Benavente. Mark talked to us about our identity in Christ. We began the chapel time by breaking up into groups and playing a game where we told true and false things about ourselves and people had to guess which it was. Mark then played a scene from the Bourne Identity movie in which the main character realizes that he has multiple “identities” and he does not know which one is real. Mark urged us to get rid of our “expired ID’s” and “fake ID’s” and see ourselves as chosen, loved and holy, as God sees us. SAMSUNG            One student responded in a Facebook post, “Chapel really spoke to me. (#MyIdentityinChristJesus #IamHoly). I can't believe I let the devil shape me, by beliefs that weren't true. Thankful that God has opened my eyes and now I completely see the change in me.”

PIU chapels are open to the public and we would love to have you join us. Friday’s chapel will be our annual PIU Day of Prayer Chapel.

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