Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Rain… and an Earthquake

SAMSUNG            Life on Guam is always interesting. We are under a flash flood warning again from 10 AM to 4 pm today. Last night as I was getting caught up on email we experienced that familiar rumbling of a 4.7 earthquake. At PIU we have had no internet or phones in the office for two days because of leaks in the roof. SAMSUNG            Hopefully we will get everything back on line by Monday. In the meantime it is raining hard. Yesterday, I didn’t think it could rain any harder but I might have been wrong. We cancelled classes last night, but today it was school as usual with classes and chapel. This evening our student fellowship will meet at our house for dinner. The pictures here are of our driveway this morning.


The water was high as Joyce drove her car through the gate for chapel, but all the Owen’s were there


Dean of Students Rob Watt delivered the message


Shelter and Davey did some wading in Lake Liebenzell after chapel

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