Thursday, September 19, 2013

Heavy Rains on Guam

GUAMVSThe floods have hit Guam. Today may be the rainiest day of the year so far for us. We are under flash flood warnings and everything seems to be under water. As you can see from the satellite picture there is a potential typhoon forming to the West of us which may threaten the Northern Philippines and weather systems behind it which promise us a great deal of rain over the next few days. The torrents of rain have already opened up leaks in our metal roof buildings at PIU and we have been busy trying to protect equipment and facilities. Our phones and internet have been out all day. Evening classes on Thursday are cancelled because of the flood warnings. We appreciate your prayers as we weather the storm.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

The campus is pretty flooded and “Lake Liebenzell” has returned. If we can get a few hours without rain hopefully, the water will disappear.


This is some of the leakage in the admin and classroom building. The metal roofs have new leaks which we will need to fix.


The rain has been coming down by the bucket loads and the wind brings it at you in multiple directions


Our driveway at home is also a river

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