Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Palau Mission Team Chapel

SAMSUNG            A few months ago PIU sent out a team of six students to do ministry work in Palau. The team consisted of (left to right) Mehlina Michael, Olivia Simeon,  Davy Welle, IMRusty Simon, and, not pictured, Percyline Pekairig, and Jonie Jones. SAMSUNG            You can read about the team from previous posts here and here. Yesterday, four of them gave a report in chapel about what happened on the trip, the impact of the trip on those they ministered to and how God changed each one of their lives through the trip.


Davy introduced the team and told a little about what each one did. Mely was the youngest team member and talked about the tremendous impact the trip had on her relationship with God. Davy also shared a great story about how their bus driver became a believer through their ministry


My favorite part of the chapel was when Rusty read letters from the kids he ministered to in Angaur (one of the Palau islands). The team made some deep friendships with the young people there during the summer and I am sure some good fruit will come from it. Who knows, maybe we will see some of those kids at PIU some day?

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