Tuesday, September 17, 2013


SAMSUNG              At PIU most of our students are involved in the school “WeWork” program. WeWork allows the students to earn up to $750 each semester by doing up to 7 hours of work each week that is then applied to school costs. The student work also allows us to keep costs down so that a PIU education remains financially accessible. But WeWork is not just a financial aid program. Our students get valuable practical work experience that will go on their resume and will pay off after graduation when they try to find a job. The students work on campus in many capacities and in several departments. SAMSUNG            They work in the office as receptionists, maintenance, cleaners and office aides. A few work in the Advancement Office on the web site, publicity or as part of the student recruiting team. Some work in the Academic Department as tutors or teachers’ aides. One of our biggest group of WeWorkers is the library team. Other groups work off campus out in the community. This year we have several students working at the Guahan Academy Charter School as lunchtime supervision workers and in after-school care.

Wework (11) Wework (12) One of our off-campus WeWork groups works at the Palmridge Hotel, supervised by our Executive administrator Nino Pate. These guys are able, not only, to help take care of their tuition bill, but are getting an opportunity to learn the tourist business. In addition a couple of our students have been hired as regular employees at Palmridge. Our partnership with the Palmridge is a real blessing to the school and we plan to offer a few seminary classes there in the near future.


Joyce is one of our WeWork supervisors and is in charge of two teams: The Special Projects Team and the Campus Beautification Team. She really enjoys working with the students and, of course, getting to use the chain saws, water blasters and other power tools.


One recent project involved cleaning and painting the campus roofs with reflective paint to make the rooms easier to cool.


They are also working on beautifying the flower beds and planting more fruit trees. In the tropics there is always something that needs to be trimmed, mowed, or pruned.

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