Monday, September 23, 2013

Fellowship Group

SAMSUNG            Last Friday in chapel we met our 2013-14 fellowship group and this past weekend we had our first meeting. This year all the PIU students are divided up into fellowship groups and assigned to different faculty and staff members. Some of the groups are very large; I think ours is the smallest. The purpose of the groups is to build relationships between staff and students, provide mentoring and and practical help to the students. We braved the nasty weather SAMSUNGand had our introductory meeting at our house. It was a fun night eating chicken soup and ice cream, talking and playing some fun table games (right). The group is pictured on the left: Nathaniel, Matson, Nonie, Mary Lou, Joyce, me, Telsie, Jesse and Jonie. Jesse and Jonie are not actually in our group but we let them crash our party. Last year I did not get to participate in the fellowship groups so I am especially looking forward to getting to know my group this year.

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