Thursday, September 12, 2013

PIU Student Statistics Fall 2013

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNGWe now have the official student numbers for the Fall 2013 semester. We are happy to have a total of 85 students enrolled this semester. Of these 80 are enrolled in our traditional campus classroom programs and 5 are enrolled in distance education courses. Of the 85, 58 are full-time (taking at least 12 units), 24 are part-time and we have 3 students auditing classes. 46 students live on campus in the dorms and 39 are commuter or DE students. This is a small increase for PIU in “total head count” from last semester, but a very large increase in full time students, dorm students and for credit students. The chart below shows the significant increase in our “full-time equivalent” count for this Fall over the semester.


The FTE is the number that we must use to make our annual budget. You can see from the chart that our FTE has increased by over 16%. This is a tremendous answer to prayer. We are praying for continued increases like this in future semesters.

Here are a few more interesting statistics about our students (thank you Nino Pate for the graphs)….

PIU Students, by Ethnicity, Fa13PIU Students, by Registration Status, Fa13PIU Students, by Program Level, Fa13PIU Students, by Gender, Fa13

And of course, as you can see, each one of these “numbers” is a uniquely gifted student that has been placed by God in our care. We appreciate your prayers for them.

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