Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pacific Islands University Demonstration Garden

PIU would like to start a new garden. You can check out our site on the page of Kitchen Gardens International right here.

Quote from the article…

PIU would like to start a new garden to showcase home gardening techniques to our student body and the wider community in order to promote healthier and more self-sufficient eating habits. To accomplish this, PIU will create a 20’x10’ garden plot on our campus to begin growing various kinds of produce. The entire process will involve student collaboration; from choosing the plants to being trained to work and maintain the garden. Once established, students and staff will develop a short program, inviting students from local schools and individuals from the local community to tour the garden and participate in the program.

The population that will immediately benefit from this project is our student body who cook and prepare their own food on campus. As indigenous people and for most, food-insecure people, our students come from a heritage of food-sustainability. Their ancestors, even as recently as their grandparents, had the skills necessary to obtain all their food from the ocean and land. With modernization, the young people have almost completely lost the ability to be food independent or even maintain a small garden. This is the case for the wider community as well.

You can contact Joyce or Samantha Owen for more information or to offer help.

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