Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine’s Day Chapel

VDAY Chapel (1)

VDAY Chapel (5)The chapel before Valentine’s Day is always our PIU “Love Chapel.” The tradition for the last few years has been to bring up four PIU faculty and staff couples and have them talk about how they met and to share a little about their relationships. The students then have the opportunity to ask the couples questions about marriage, love and relationships. VDAY Chapel (7)This year’s couples were, left to right in the picture on the left, Christel and Bill Wood, Jele and Kaki Benejal, Vivian and Iotaka Choram, Samantha and Michael Owen. Some of the questions answered included: “How did you know your spouse was ‘the one?’” and “what makes your relationship fun?” The chapel contained a lot of good advice from the couples and a lot of laughter from the audience. Our Bible chair, Iotaka Choram, (right) especially kept everyone laughing.

IMG_5241VDAY Chapel (2)

The band rocked a 1990’s DC Talk tune


The Wood’s met on the dock at MIBS, Tol. The Benejal’s met at their church on Majuro


The Choram’s also met at school. She married her teacher. Mike and Samantha met at the cafeteria at Biola. It seems that a Christian college is a good place to meet a Christian spouse. I know it worked for me too.

VDAY Chapel (6)VDAY Chapel (8)

It was a fun chapel. Look at those smiles!

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