Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Staff Meeting–Birthday Party

staffmtg (12)staffmtg (16)Occasionally at PIU we go to a staff meeting and a party breaks out. This was certainly the case this past Monday. We had a staff meeting with a very serious agenda: student learning outcomes; preparation for the upcoming annual board meeting; tying planning to strategic goals; etc. but it also was Samantha’s birthday. Joyce made the special triple chocolate cake (my all-time favorite – I missed it on my birthday because we were in Hong Kong) and a special birthday hat for Samantha. It did turn out to be a long meeting but, with the refreshments brought by the student life team we had plenty to eat.

staffmtg (20)staffmtg (21)

I made some “key points” and we had some good discussion

staffmtg (18)staffmtg (23)

Brent Brantley (right) came all the way from Kentucky to explain our plan to add a business emphasis to our liberal studies program. Nino (left) leads us through the agenda

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