Saturday, August 01, 2015

Last Weekend

SAMSUNG            Since I was in Chuuk last week I missed posting on our summer weekend activities last weekend. We had a busy week and weekend with groups coming in from Liebenzell Mission USA and from Germany. We picked them up at the airport and hosted them on campus. Mike and family also did some dog-sitting. SAMSUNG            In the picture on the left Serenity gets in some quality time with one of the dogs.

The weekend also included another basketball game for Titus. His team made the playoffs with a win last week but were eliminated in the semifinals yesterday. In the picture on the right Titus has to “gut out” a minor injury and get back into the game. He seems to be fine now.



It is always nice to go to church by the beach. When I parked the car and got out this was the view so I had to take a picture.


And here is the church service. We had it in the “upper room” at Tu Re’ CafĂ©. I really enjoy our little church because every service is an opportunity for real fellowship and spiritual interaction that is hard to find in a larger traditional style church. In the picture on the left I tried to get the view out the window, and Mike and Jesse leading the music, but it left both guys in the dark.

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