Monday, August 24, 2015

Stuff We Do on Guam

2015-08-19 12.47.57DSC07292 (1117x1280)I was at a government meeting the other day and someone asked me why we stayed on Guam. Of course the main answer was that this is the place where God has called us to ministry, but the other answer is that we really like it here. Over the last few days we have enjoyed several ministry and fun activities (most activities we do fit both of those categories) with our friends and PIU co-workers. Here are a few pictures from this week, mostly from the weekend. They include some work at PIU, a birthday party for Gwen, the daughter of Nino and Glenda Pate (PIU finance super couple), ministering at the Palauan church and a couple meals out.

DSC07298 (1149x1280)DSC07300 (1280x1165)DSC07302 (1071x1280)

The girls got their faces painted at Chuck E Cheese

2015-08-23 09.47.182015-08-23 09.56.33

I preached Sunday at the Palauan Evangelical Church of Guam and got to hear two very good choirs

2015-08-23 11.54.042015-08-23 11.54.11

After church we went out to Tu Re restaurant, got some sandwiches and sat in the beachfront dining area. Joyce had to take a picture of the funny sign.

2015-08-13 13.29.322015-08-13 13.29.52

I also had to throw in a little older picture of my two grand-daughters helping grandma get the apartment ready for the Hembachs before they arrived.

DSC07290 (1280x1137)DSC07294 (1280x1225)

And a couple more cute pictures from the birthday party

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