Monday, August 31, 2015

PIU Basketball

First Bball Game (3)With the start of the Fall semester we also start basketball season for our PIU team. We are playing in the Guam church basketball league. We have started the season 0-2 but we are enjoying the time. This week we have a couple games to look forward to. First Bball Game (8)I am coaching the team right now and enjoying it very much. It gives me some good time to get to know the students and I have a good time being back on the coaching bench after about 10 years away from it. I originally came out to Micronesia as a high school teacher and basketball coach at Emmaus High School in Palau in 1984. Here are a few pictures of last Saturday’s game. Joyce and I took some of the pictures, but the good ones were taken by Billy Edwin.


Some action shots. The other team was definitely taller than us

11894643_10156011268065427_8880030581448221083_oFirst Bball Game (6)

I am trying to coach ‘em up

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