Thursday, August 06, 2015

Solar Power at PIU #2

SAMSUNGOur solar power project at PIU is almost completed. We expect to have it producing power this week. SAMSUNGThey are still working on the internet connection so that we can monitor it. The PIU administration had a walk-through of the system earlier this week. We expect to see power savings of about $2500 or more per month. We had to watch out for the heavy rain as we inspected the system but we managed to get through it. The system is installed on the roof of the men’s dorm/library building and we expect it to take care of at least half of the campus’ power needs. The pictures are a little blurry because it was so humid that day the camera lens kept fogging up.


Serenity and I climbed the ladder together to the roof


Nino took a selfie as we listened to the presentation

Solar Walkthrough (7) (1280x960)Solar Walkthrough (11) (1280x960)

L to R: James Paek from Pacific Solar, me, Serenity, James Mason, Juan Flores. The 224 panels completely cover all available space on the roof

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