Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Start of the Fall Semester at PIU

SAMSUNGWe started classes at PIU yesterday. The Fall semester is in full operation with classes, the first chapel yesterday, the first basketball game last night (we lost 90 something to 50 something) and I have my first class of the semester this afternoon. Freshman Old Testament Survey is one of the classes I most enjoy teaching – I love seeing the moment of recognition in their faces SAMSUNGwhen they see that there is a consistent story to the OT and that it suddenly opens up all kinds of insights into who Jesus is. We have already completed student and staff orientation and enjoyed the opening of the semester fellowship barbecue. We don’t have a final number yet on how many students we have on Guam because some students have not been able to get here because of delayed flights. We also are still working on getting the semester up and running in Chuuk, Palau and Pohnpei and expect students in our distance education programs there. We appreciate your prayers for our students.

2015-08-24 09.35.38 (1280x960)SAMSUNG

Joyce instructs the students about the “clean and green” program for the dorm students (left) while Kaki (right) informs the students about the counseling options they have available to them


More students eating barbecue and responding to my comment about trying to get a picture of a student with food in their teeth.

2015-08-22 10.34.192015-08-22 11.46.09

Faculty orientation and workshop was on Saturday

2015-08-24 18.42.052015-08-24 18.42.40

A couple more barbecue pictures

2015-08-25 12.02.062015-08-25 12.02.13

Nino explains to the students who does what at PIU and introduces the faculty and staff in the first chapel

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