Saturday, June 25, 2016

A “Casual Cultural Dinner”

Cultural Evening (7)

Cultural Evening (11)Cultural Evening (10)This past week we received the following invitation from PIU seminary student Betwin Alokoa and his daughter Shelter, an AA graduate and current student at PIU.

Those who are interested in seeing a Kosraean "Um" or underground oven cooking of a pig along with local BBQ and other cooking (Breadfruit,banana etc.), will take place at Alokoas' home. There will be demonstrative husking and grinding of coconut and weaving. The Um will start at 4p.m and eating will take place at 6p.m this Saturday June 25. Please bring a dish, drinks, or fruits for a potluck meal at 6p.m. Also, people from PIU asked to do worship songs and/or dances.

This sounded like a very good evening, so we accepted and attended last night. The fellowship and food were very good. We got to meet some new people and we got to experience several Micronesian cultural foods along with participating in the preparation process.

Cultural Evening (14)Cultural Evening (16)Cultural Evening (18)

Everyone had an opportunity to participate in the process of husking coconuts and then turning them into coconut oil

Cultural Evening (8)Cultural Evening (9)

The PIU group sang and I gave an impromptu devotional and talk about PIU

Cultural Evening (2)Cultural Evening (5)

There were plenty of volunteers to do child care

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