Friday, June 03, 2016

A Rainy Day 5 in Taipei

5th Day (9)

5th Day (5)On 5th Day (23)Thursday we were done with the evaluation to the college and our friends at Christ College took us on a tour of the city. It was a very wet tour as the rain was so heavy that flooding closed the international airport for several hours. We still managed to get out, see some of the sites, and eat some amazing food. Here are a few pictures of our adventures in Taipei. We started by touring the oldest tea shop in Taipei. The owner was also an amazing opera singer.


5th Day (20)5th Day (21)

Our group came out with several bags of tea

5th Day (10)5th Day (7)

We visited a traditional Chinese medicine store

5th Day (1)5th Day (3)

We ordered some Indian food at the Joseph Bistro

5th Day (11)5th Day (12)5th Day (13)

It was amazingly good – that is the cook and owner on the left

5th Day (16)5th Day (26)

Joyce enjoyed the jewelry and gift shop

5th Day (27)5th Day (30)5th Day (31)

We toured the Chang Kai-Shek square

5th Day (28)5th Day (33)

And tried to stay dry

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