Friday, June 10, 2016

PIU June Newsletter

The latest PIU Newsletter, the 2016 Year in Review issue, is now available on the PIU web site. You can find it here.

Here is my President’s Message from page 1…

newsletter picI was talking to one of our alumni the other day. He was a little surprised that I did not remember what year he graduated. I still remember the names, the actions, and fond memories of our graduates. Sometimes the graduation years seem to meld into one another. My excuse is that I am getting old. I have been president for over 13 years and have participated in 14 graduations during that time. Overall I have been part of over 20 graduations.

Maybe it is hard to remember which year is which because so many things stay the same in our graduating students. Of course, most are Micronesian, though we have graduates from many countries. But no matter where they are from, the similarities are still there. We see young men and women going out to graduate schools, jobs, and community service who are well prepared with a biblical world view and focused on mission. They are able to think and communicate in ways that will make the islander voice heard throughout the world. That voice will be heard out of their experiences in the Christian community at PIU.

Sure, some things are different now. We have more liberal studies than biblical studies graduates, though they all leave with at least 24 credits in Bible and theology. They have widened their perspective from just serving God in the church to being part of the church, serving God in their homes and wider communities. Our seminary has provided an upgraded level of education to prepare those who will serve by leading their churches into the future. Future graduates will serve with a degree that may include a new Liberal Studies emphasis in business and improved teacher education programs. Our values, based on God’s Word, stay the same, even as we make changes to apply those values to a changing world.

As we close out the 2015-2016 academic year, let us pray that we hold on to the values that have led us over the last 40 years and work to make the changes in the future continue to support those values.

This issue includes a student profile of Biblical Studies student Jones Rufes, a map showing where some of our alumni are now working and many pictures from the just completed school year. You can download the newsletter here or write to me at and I will email you a pdf. copy.

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