Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Taiwan Day #3

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2016-05-30 14.35.58Tuesday was the first day the TRACS was on campus at Christ’s College Taipei. We spent most of the day interviewing administration, faculty, staff, alumni and students. 2016-05-30 14.37.08Then we began the process of document review and tried to begin writing our reports by that evening. We enjoyed dinner in the hotel that evening. Joyce did not come to campus with us. She rode taxis, walked around and experienced the city. The headquarters for our visit was the “archive room” at Christ’s College. The school was founded in 1959 by missionary to China James Graham, so the room had documents, pictures and other historical items, which you can see the TRACS team looking at as we arrived. The welcome sign was also nice and you can see the names of all the team members.

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Joyce spent some time in a nearby park. It was hot, in the upper 90’s

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A couple more of Joyce’s pictures

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