Monday, May 30, 2016

TRACS Team in Taiwan–Day 2

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Yesterday we began our TRACS evaluation of Christ’s College Taipei with the traditional formal get acquainted dinner with President and administration of the college. This is my second visit to the school so I already knew several of their people. We had a wonderful time with them and are looking forward to interviewing them for real today. The school has a long missionary history and I was quite inspired by the stories of how the gospel entered into China and their connections to the Billy Graham family.

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We also took our formal TRACS team pictures at the traditional spot. Earlier yesterday we went up the elevator to the observation plaza at the Taipei 101 building, the tallest building in Taipei.

2016-05-29 17.44.34 (640x480)2016-05-29 18.09.29 (1280x960)

We took a few pictures from the top of the building

2016-05-29 18.31.56 (960x1280)DSC08527 (1280x960)

And with the funny little symbols

2016-05-29 18.35.34 (1280x960)2016-05-29 18.36.04 (1280x960)

We also saw some amazing gem coral art

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