Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Graduation #1

Graduation 2016 (2)

The 2016 PIU graduation is finished and another semester is completed. Again I have a veritable plethora of pictures to post from the graduation. I’ll start today with some pictures of the pre-graduation set up, preparation and activities. Above Celia, Glenda and Gwen make the final adjustments to the stage to get things ready.

Baccalaureate (16)Baccalaureate (17)2016-04-25 13.29.51

One of our prominent stage decorations is the display of the flags of the nations from which our students and faculty come. They are set up and made ready on campus and taken to the venue, this year Abundant Life Church. In the past, we were not able to get a Kosraean flag, but thanks to our friend Senator Shelten Neth, we were able to get one to display at this and future graduations.

Graduation (4)Graduation (9)Graduation (15)

The microphones were tested, the program was set and the faculty and administration marched in. We were all set for the graduates to make their entrance.

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