Monday, May 02, 2016

More Baccalaureate Pictures

Baccalaureate (2)

I have a lot of graduation and baccalaureate pictures. It will take me a while to post them all here. One more post on baccalaureate and 2-3 on graduation, Then I will move on. Here are three of the graduates (Scott, Nonie and Mary Jane) at the front of the food line during the after-baccalaureate celebration.

Baccalaureate (3)Baccalaureate (5)Baccalaureate (6)

(L to R) Valedictorian Delight Suda with PIU Provost Juan Flores; Board Trustee Siska Hutapea with Samantha and Arie; Delight with wife, and PIU alumna Evelyn and daughter

Baccalaureate (8)Baccalaureate (11)Baccalaureate (12)

It seems that everyone wants their picture taken with Arie or Joyce.

Baccalaureate (7)Baccalaureate (9)

Nino, Jonathan, Joyce, Jones, Scott, Arie, Mike and Mayson

Baccalaureate (4)Baccalaureate (13)

Left: Melvin is at the front of food line, Right: Jody, Joyce, Samantha, Arie, Janny

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