Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Palau #3–Sunsets and Churches

2016-05-13 23.31.33

2016-05-14 14.15.362016-05-14 15.01.07-2We saw some spectacular sunsets during my week in Palau. Every evening we sat on Steve and Anne’s porch and looked forward to the spectacle. We were not ever disappointed. I did not spend all my time there looking at sunsets. Sunday morning I preached at the Airai church. I saw several old friends there and enjoyed the fellowship very much. On the left, is the bulletin from the service and, on the right, a picture of me in the pulpit taken on my phone by Steve Stinnette. After church I enjoyed a healthy lunch with Steve, Anne and Mac Alfonso at a local vegetarian restaurant.


2016-05-14 23.00.192016-05-14 23.00.42

Sunday afternoon I took a look at the old apartment where we lived in 1984-86. After all these years it is getting a full renovation. When we lived there the walls between apartments were just sheetrock and you could see light coming through them. Now they have rebuilt with concrete. The apartments look nice. This is where teachers for the new school in Koror will live.

2016-05-14 23.12.292016-05-14 23.30.47

Finally, we went to a fund raising concert by the Koror Church worship team. They will be part of a gathering of Palauans in Sacramento California on May 23-29 (next week). If you are in Northern California and want to attend you can get info by calling 916-934-3096.

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