Thursday, May 05, 2016

Graduation #3–The Celebrations

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One of the best parts of the PIU graduation is the celebration afterwards. We enjoy getting to meet the students’ families. Often we are meeting them for the first time. So here are the pictures from after the ceremony. Some are posed and others are candid. Let’s celebrate the milestone these graduates have achieved.

Graduation (34)Graduation (42)

Left Nino and Pate and I with our valedictorian. On the right with PIU teachers Howard Stone and Tom Van Engen

Graduation (35)Graduation (37)Graduation (38)

Graduates with family, pastors and friends

Graduation (45)Graduation (46)

We pose with our keynote speaker Judge Tydingco-Gatewood. Joyce,Janny and I on the left. On the right Scott Refilong with the judge and the Rosenbergers (friends from our church)

Graduation (47)Graduation (54)

On the left I photobomb a graduate celebration picture. On the right, Board Chair Howard Merrell with our Valedictorian and family

Graduation (49)Graduation (52)

Graduation is a family event for us too

Graduation (51)Graduation (56)

It is an island church family event too

Graduation (7)P1140386 (960x1280)P1140388 (960x1280)P1140412 (960x1280)

And one last group of celebration pictures

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