Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day from Guam

Mothers Day (29)

Happy Mother’s Day! We had an enjoyable mother’s day, celebrating first at church this morning and then with a big lunch, cooked by Mike. The only thing we miss is being able to wish our mothers and Happy Mother’s Day in person. Above are the mothers with the girls

Mothers Day (4)Mothers Day (25)

We went to Faith Church this morning. The mothers all received flowers from the youth. We also posed a picture of the Owen and Mendiola, grandmothers, mothers and babies

Mothers Day (7)Mothers Day (8)Mothers Day (27)

L to R Mike with his mom, some of the other moms at church, and one more of the girls

Mothers Day (20)Mothers Day (22)

Mike’s dinner was excellent

Mothers Day (1)Mothers Day (19)

The “cake” was very good and Titus appeared to enjoy the steak

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