Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trip to FestPac

Festpac (3)

Yesterday was the last full day the grandkids would be on island for a while (Mike’s program is at least 3 years) so when Samantha asked if anyone could take the kids to FestPac (the Pacific Festival of the Arts) I volunteered. The programs did not start until the afternoon but we spent some fun time looking at the booths full of art from the many Pacific Islands represented. Above, Courage poses with some carvings.

Festpac (1)Festpac (4)

Titus sticks his hand in the mouth a carved shark from Pohnpei, while Courage and Serenity pose with some musical instruments

Festpac (6)Festpac (7)

The girls liked all the jewelry

Festpac (10)Festpac (13)

I think the Guam booth was their favorite because they got to pet the monitor lizard

Festpac (14)Festpac (15)

We watched artists at work from New Zealand

Festpac (17)Festpac (18)

Actually I think they preferred going down to the beach and playing by the water

Festpac (21)Festpac (23)

Serenity enjoyed collecting and playing with hermit crabs – I made her put them back before we left. We finished by listening to a Palauan band.

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